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Esposito C., Gerlach H., Brett J., Stern D., Vlassara H. Endothelial receptor-mediated binding of glucose-modified albumin is associated with increased monolayer permeability and modulation of cell surface coagulant properties. J Exp Med 1989,170:1387-1407

Esposito C, He C-J, Striker GE, Zalups RK, Phillips C, Striker LJ. The nature and severity of the glomerular response to nephron reduction is strain dependent in mice. Am J Pathol 1999, 154:891-897

Esposito C, Fornoni A, Cornacchia F, Bellotti N, Fasoli G, Foschi A, Mazzuccchelli I, Mazzullo T, Semeraro L, Dal Canton A. Cyclosporine  induces different responses in human endothelial, epithelial and fibroblast cell cultures. Kidney International 2000, 58:123-131

Esposito C, Fasoli G, Plati AR, Bellotti N, Conte MM, Cornacchia F, Foschi A, Mazzullo T, Semeraro L, Dal Canton A. Long-term exposure to high glucose upregulates VCAM-induced endothelial cell edhesiveness to PBMCs. Kidney International 2001, 59:1842-1849

Esposito C, Parrilla B, De Mauri A, Cornacchia F, Fasoli G, Foschi A, Mazzullo T, Plati AR, Scudellaro R, Dal Canton A. Hepatocyte Growth Factor (HGF) modulates matrix turnover in human glomeruli. Kidney Int 2005, 67, 2143-2150

Esposito C, De Mauri A, Vitulo P, Oggionni T, Cornacchia F, Valentino R, Grosjean F, Torreggiani M, Dal Canton A. Risk Factors for chronic renal dysfunction in lung transplant recipients. Transplantation 2007; 84: 2172-2175

Esposito C, Parrilla B, Cornacchia F, Grosjean F, Mangione F, Serpieri N, Valentino R, Villa L, Arra M, Esposito V, Dal Canton A. The antifibrogenic effect of Hepatocyte Growth Factor (HGF) on renal tubular (HK-2) cells is dependent on cell growth. Growth Factors 2009; 27:1-8 

Esposito C, Grosjean F, Torreggiani M, Esposito V, Mangione F, Villa L, Sileno G, Rosso R, Serpieri N, Molinaro M, Fasoli G, Dal Canton A. Sirolimus Prevents short-term renal changes induced by ischemia-reperfusion injury in rats. Am J Nephrol. 2011;33(3):239-49

Esposito C, Torreggiani M, Arazzi M, Serpieri N, Scaramuzzi ML, Manini A, Grosjean F, Esposito V, Catucci D, La Porta E, Canton AD. Loss of Renal Function in the Elderly Italians: A Physiologic or Pathologic Process?. J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci. 2012;67(12):1387-93

Weir MR, Bakris GL, Bushinsky DA, Mayo MR, Garza D, Stasiv Y, Wittes J, Christ-Schmidt H, Berman L, Pitt B; OPAL-HK Investigators. Patiromer in patients with kidney disease and hyperkalemia receiving RAAS inhibitors. N Engl J Med. 2015 Jan 15;372(3):211-21

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