Alberto Luisa
Dirigente medico

Richiedi appuntamento

Vitacca M, Paneroni M, Peroni , L. Barbano, Didaj V, Piaggi GC, VanoglioF., Luisa A,  Giordano A, Ceriana A. "Effects of a multidisciplinary care program on disability, autonomy and nursing needs in patients recovering from acute respiratory failure in a cronic ventilator  facility" Respir  Care 2014 Dec; 59 (12): 1836-71.doi:10.4187/respcare.03030. Epub 2014 sep

Bruletti G, Comini L, Scalvini S, Morini R, Luisa A, Paneroni M, Vitacca M. "A two-year longitudinal study on strain and needs in caregivers of advanced als patients amyotroph lateral sclerfrontotemporaldegener."  MALS 2015;16:187-195.

Vitacca M, Barbano L, Vanoglio F, Luisa A, Giordano A, Paneroni M " Is a 6-months home rehabilitation program useful to improve musckles function in patients recovering from long icu and in-hospital rehabilitation stay? a randomized  controlled study"  Am j Phys Med and Rehab, accepted 2 november 2015    

Vitacca M, Barbano L, Vanoglio F, Luisa A, Bernocchi P, Giordano A, Paneroni M.   "Does 6-month home caregiver-supervised physiotherapy improve post critical care outcomes? A randomized controlled trial" American journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation 2016 in press           

Vanoglio F, Bernocchi P,  Garofali F, Mora C, Mulè C, Taveggia G, Luisa A"Feasibility and efficacy of a continuous passive mobilization device for hand  treatment in hemiplegic stroke: a randomized controlled pilot study"    Clin Rehab - preliminary accepted 8  february 2016

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